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ts, along with showing a new vision of our future.New developments for new Panview visited the Beijing Exhibition Center on Wed▓nesday morning, Nov. 8, 2017 to take a closer look. The first surprise was to see the huge crowds as long lines of people stood outside in the cold.The exhibit in general did no

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t fail to disappoint, as v▓isitors could view vivid poster photos plastered all over the walls and you could touch th▓e numerous models of China's big projects, such as an artificial sun, FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telesc

ope), world's l▓argest radio telescope, hi-speed trains, deep sea research submersibles and so much more.▓You could walk to 11 different exhibition areas, which feature different themes, including transportation, en▓ergy, crackdown on corruption, PLA (people Liberation Army)▓ advances in weaponry, new inventions, hybr▓id agriculture and a look to the future.F▓uture era for hi-techChina's future may likely be domina▓ted by Industry 4.0, which supports the manufa▓cturing sector with IoT (Internet of Things), AI

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(artificial intelligence), Big Data, drones, robot factory workers and intelligent logis▓tics networks.The tools of tomorrow make for more eff▓icient factories and warehouses that can conduct operations ▓at lower costs. Careful monitoring of all

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movements in▓ the logistics chain, from production to transport to stores can function in a streamlined manner by the same company.The Beijing Exhibition Center highlights all of these aspec▓ts of Industry 4.0, which are now known as "Made in C

hina." Visitors can see models and photos with detailed e▓xplanations on how new technologies will impact the manufacturing industries, not only in China but throughout the world.For example, you▓ can witness a demonstration of 3D printing in action▓ when a person re-creates new designs from potato ingredients.Advances in rural medical careOne of the most popular demos appeared to be a place where people could get a quick medical check-up from the ‘Health Service Robot&r▓squo; that was originally manufactured in Xiany▓ang, Shaanxi Province.Continuous long lines were formed, mainly elderly people, waiting to step up to the machine. They stand on a weight scale and place their left arm into a blood pressure▓ machine. The Health Service Robot appears to conduct facial recognition and body scan in a minute or two.Afterwar▓ds, the person is given a paper that shows thei▓r current medical condition, while the information is fed into a Big Data engine that can be fed to the patient’s files and submitted to their doctor and local hospital.The Health Service Robot can play an effective role in

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